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Savvy Investing for Savvy Women

July 22, 2020

As a woman, you’re expected to manage more than your share. When you’re growing up in your family, you’re more likely to have to help out with chores and household responsibilities than a brother might be…on top of school, a part-time job, and however else you spend your time. As an adult, society says you can have it all. But in reality, that’s only true if you plan to work 25 hours a day. If you’re single or married, have a family or don’t, work in the home or outside of it, being a woman means being constantly moving, working and learning. With that in mind, a woman’s retirement should be a easy breezy, right?

Not exactly. As it turns out, women and men are also different when it comes to financial planning and investments. Whether due to nature or nurture, women tend to take a more cautious approach in investing. And men still tend to earn more, which can skew how much women are able to save. But women in general live longer, and they make most of the household purchasing decisions. So it’s critically important that women get the same benefit of education and information about investing, retirement planning, and other issues relating to money.

It's clear that women have been left out of the long-term planning process for too long, and it’s time for that to change. Take a look at this guide from NY Life: Savvy Investments for her: Take an active role in your money matters. It provides holistic information for women to take control of their financial future, because education and awareness are the first step to good planning and preparation. Share it! And if you want to learn more about specialized planning for women, let's connect.