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I Can Help Protect You from Risk

February 05, 2021

Here’s a difficult question: What would your family do without you? If you were no longer around, would they have enough to survive and move forward? Many people think financial professionals only specialize in investment management, but in fact we take a more holistic approach to your family’s entire financial wellness, including helping you reduce the impact of certain risks. While most people have some form of life insurance, often it’s not enough…and that’s a scary thought.

Here are a couple of ways we can help ensure your family is taken care of in any scenario:

Life Insurance Evaluation: If anyone else depends on you for your income, you should consider whether you’re properly insured. You may have some life insurance in place, but is it enough? And if you don’t have coverage already, it may be more reasonable than you think. There are many options to choose from, and I can help you identify and evaluate what might be a good fit for you and your family.

Disability insurance: Almost 30 percent of people between 35 and 65 will experience some type of disability lasting at least 90 days during their working careers. That can add considerable stress to life and finances. But disability insurance can protect your paycheck if you’re no longer able to earn.

Our lives are rich and full of risk. But there are ways to protect you, your family and your lifestyle. If we haven’t talked about managing the risk in your life, let’s connect soon. And anytime you want to meet, catch up and make sure you are getting every benefit out of our relationship, please let me know.