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Does Your Retirement Plan Support Your Employees?

Does Your Retirement Plan Support Your Employees?

April 26, 2022

As a business owner, it often makes sense to offer your employees a way to save for their retirement. By helping your team save for the future, you support their long-term financial goals and retirement readiness. You’re also helping build staff loyalty and providing a very attractive benefit to new employees.

Given the recent legislative changes that affect 401(k) plans, it is more important than ever to make sure your retirement plan remains in compliance and provide your employees a resource for financial guidance. You can undertake these tasks alone or hire an experienced professional to help.

Objectivity, Competency, and Attention to Detail

Let’s take the opportunity to discuss your qualified plan and how it might better support your employees. We know your decision to work with any plan administrator will be based on knowledge and confidence: knowing the administrator is highly experienced in working with your qualified plan from the ground up and confident that their services are objective, comprehensive, and competent.

Experienced administration of your qualified plan is important for executives and workers alike. Whether you are considering or wholesale plan change or would just like a second opinion about your plan, please know that we’re available to help you or your employee team in the following financial areas:

  • Fully explain your plan’s options to ensure employees are using it optimally and to achieve greater financial literacy
  • Review asset allocations and recommend adjustments as needed
  • Assess a broader personal financial plan to ensure it’s aligned with risk tolerance and retirement goals
  • Plan oversight and administration, product selection, reviews, etc.

We’re happy to help you and your employees with any financial needs that may arise. If you’d like to chat about it, just reach out at your convenience – our contact information is below.