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Daylight Saving – Tips to Spring Forward

Daylight Saving – Tips to Spring Forward

March 08, 2022

The time is here again! Twice a year, we adjust our clocks and disrupt sleeping patterns, work schedules, and the balance of our day. Even though it’s only an hour, springing forward for Daylight Saving Time each March is always a tough transition. Just a one-hour shift messes with our body’s natural clock and temporarily upsets even the most fine-tuned routines!

We thought we’d pass along a few simple tips that should make the time change transition a smooth one for everyone in your household:

Start adjusting early. Instead of being hit with a 60-minute time loss all at once, start adjusting early by gradually bumping up bedtimes and morning alarms by 15-minute increments.

Let the light in. Allow natural light in at the start of each day to help naturally sync with the earlier wake time.

Stick to your regular schedule. Stay consistent with normal daily routines, which includes meal times, exercise, etc. If everything can be bumped up by the same 15-minute increments like sleep, even better!

Resist naps. Losing that extra hour of sleep can have a big impact on energy. While naps can help recharge, they can hinder ability to fall asleep later that night. Staying up is one of the best ways to reset to the new time quickly. If naps are a must, make sure they are early in the day and under 20 minutes.

Create a calming bedtime routine. Just as sunlight stimulates your body in the morning, bright lights at bedtime do that same. Turn off electronics (yes, even phones) 30 minutes before bed and relax or read.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. To ensure the sleep is high quality, avoid foods and drinks with caffeine or alcohol at least four hours before bed.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep productivity levels high and make the transition a bit easier. As always, feel free to forward these tips to anyone who might benefit from them as well!